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The M.S. in School Librarianship program seeks to educate candidates who are outstanding teachers, instructional leaders and administrators of quality school libraries. As enthusiastic readers and technology users, SLM candidates model lifelong learning for their school communities.

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The comprehensive program offers courses in literature for children and young adults, technology, information literacy skills, selecting quality materials that meet the needs of diverse learners, administrating a school library which provides access for all, and a significant practicum experience.

Candidates endorse the mission statement found in the 2009 American Association of School Librarians' Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs which states: “The mission of the school library media center is to ensure that staff and students are effective users of ideas and information. The school librarian empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.”

Program Features

• AASL/NCATE nationally accredited and recognized program.

• Meets certification requirements of Maryland State Department of Education as a Library Media Specialist and is recognized by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education.

• Field assignments provide opportunities to apply theory in real-world settings.

• Fosters close working relationships with knowledgeable faculty. 

• Empowers candidates to become lifelong learners and reflective practitioners.

Why McDaniel

• Online courses allow for students to create more flexible schedules.

• Accreditations ensure that the degree you earn is highly recognized and the content you receive aligns with rigorous standards. 

• Balances full-time faculty with adjunct instructors who draw course content from best practices in the field.

• Small class size and individual attention promotes high levels of interaction between faculty and students and networking with peers and professionals.

• Highly competitive tuition.

Admissions Requirements

• Completed application for graduate study

• Submit the non-refundable application fee

• Official transcripts verifying completion of an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

• Three official letters of recommendation, advisor approved

• MSDE qualifying scores for the Praxis Core Exam, SAT, GRE, or ACT* OR a current and valid teaching certificate

  • An essay of approximately 250 words describing the applicant’s professional goals as they relate to the SLM professional roles as leader, teacher, and information specialist as identified by the American Association of School Librarians

*Applicants not holding teaching certification should strongly consider taking twelve credit hours in education at the undergraduate or graduate level prior to beginning the SLM program.  For help in selecting the required education courses, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Ramona Kerby before enrolling in them.

Degree Requirements

• 37 semester hours

• Minimum 3.0 GPA

• Professional digital portfolio

• 99-hour internship in a school library


 Dr. Mona Kerby

Dr. Mona Kerby, Coordinator, SLM



To learn more about Dr. Kerby and the program, visit: www.mcdanielschoollibrarianship.com

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Candidates currently fulfill positions as:

• School Library Media Specialists within K-12 public school settings

• School Library Media Specialists within K-12 private school settings

• Building Level Administrators

• Building Level Webmasters

• College Level Instructors

• Information Technology Specialists within K-12 public school settings

• District Library Media Supervisors

• Writers of professional books and articles

Important Dates

Summer 2019 Application Deadline is April 30th

Fall 2019 Application Deadline is July 31st

Spring 2020 Application Deadline is December 15th

Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year but the College recommends that students submit their applications and official supporting materials well in advance of the start of the semester in which they plan to enroll. This allows for the application to be processed and reviewed, for account creation, and for registration into classes. The following dates reflect when registration opens for each term.

Summer Semester – April 1
Fall Semester – July 1
Spring Semester – December 1


**Please note, off-site education cohorts have until September 6th for entrance into the fall 2019 term to submit applications and supporting documents for consideration.

Students are assigned an advisor who will guide them as to which courses they will be taking each semester. Anyone admitted after the opening of registration may be placed on a wait list for certain desired courses.


1. In what order should I take courses?
Although there is not a rigid course sequence, students are advised to take particular courses at certain times. Your first course should be SLM:503 Literature for Children, taught by the coordinator. Two other courses that are excellent for beginning students are: SLM:509 Instructional Collaboration and SLM:506 Selection & Use. Your last two courses should be SLM:550 Professional Portfolio and your practicum.

2. What does the practicum involve?
Your practicum should be completed during your last semester. You will spend a minimum of 99 hours (3 weeks) in a school library. If you do not have successful teaching experience, you will spend additional time in the school library. You may request a particular school, but the final decision rests with the McDaniel College supervisor and the school district supervisor. If you work full time, it's a good idea to begin thinking now of ways that you can complete the three-week practicum.

3. What is the Professional Portfolio?
SLM 550: Professional Portfolio is designed to showcase everything the candidate has learned throughout the SLM program. Candidates organize their portfolio according to the ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010), selecting previous class assignments that best represent the standards.

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• Meets Maryland State Department of Education requirements for certification as a Library Media Specialist; recognized by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education

• Provides graduates with professional skills for creating and managing an outstanding school library program

• Includes a significant amount of field experience through a practicum

This program is offered 100% online

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