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The Hill is Your Home Away From Home

Commuter students will find they enjoy spending time on the Hill outside the classroom. Think of campus as your second home. Find out more with this McDaniel Commuter Student Brochure and have a look at some FAQ's below.

FAQs for Commuters

Where do I register and park my vehicle on campus?
You will need to complete this online form, be sure to have your student ID number, car insurance information, and license plate information. Commuters may park in the Harrison, North Village, Stadium, or Commuter lots.

Are there places to go between classes around campus?
Lots of campus hangouts are available to commuters for relaxation and study including Hoover Library, the Commuter Lounge (located in Merrit Hall), Decker Center Pub, Klitzberg Pavilion, Ensor Lounge, Rec. Lounge, Kriel Lounge, and Casey's Corner.

The Commuter Lounge, located on the first floor of Merrit Hall, is available to commuters. Each commuter can stop by the Office of Student Engagement for a unique 4 digit pin that can be used to access the lounge. The Office of Student Engagement is located in the Decker College Center directly across from the Englar Dining Hall.

Computer lab facilities are scattered throughout campus and include:

  • Charlson Lab in Hoover Library (24-hour access during regular semester) – requires key card access
  • Merritt Hall Computer Lab in Room 101
  • English Lab in Hill Hall 101
  • Windows Lab in Lewis B5
  • Graphics Lab in Peterson – for class use only
  • Foreign Languages Lab in Baker – for class use only
  • Math/Computer Science Lab in Lewis G5
  • Physics Lab in Lewis – for class use only

Labs can be reserved through the Space Reservation System.

Is there someplace to go on campus if I’m not feeling well?
Health services are available at the Wellness Center, located in Winslow Center on the second floor.

If I need my battery jumped, will the College help me?
Campus Safety is always available to help you when situations like these arise, call (410) 857-2202.

Can I get a meal plan, if I am a commuter?
Yes, meal plans are available to commuter students, for more information go to or go to the Bursar’s Office on the first floor of Elderdice.

If I have an evening class and would like an escort back to my vehicle, will the College help me?
Campus Safety will gladly walk students to any campus location by calling (410) 857-2202.

Where can I store my belongings on campus?
Lockers are made available to students adjacent to the post office in Decker College Center. However, students are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings and should bring their own lock.

What do I do if I get snowed in, or the weather is bad and I cannot make it to campus for class?
McDaniel College is primarily a residential college with a majority of its undergraduate students living on campus; therefore, it is the intention of the College to remain open during inclement weather conditions. Be sure that your instructors know you are a commuter in advance.

What groups can I join on campus?
There are over 90 student groups on campus and multiple ways to be involved with campus life outside of the classroom. Start with the Commuter Student Association (CSA) created to help and advocate for commuter students.

McDaniel College Department of Campus Safety - Campus Police logo.
Working Together for a Safe Campus

McDaniel College and Westminster provide an outstanding setting in which to obtain a superb education. At the Department of Campus Safety (DoCS), we work hard to ensure that the campus is a safe place.

Winslow, Lower Level
V/TTY: 410-857-2202
Fax: 410-871-3383

1. Dial 9-911 from any campus phone.
2. Dial 410-857-2202 or ext. 2202 to report the incident to DoCS.

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