Get Involved

Get Involved

Stop any McDaniel College student you encounter on campus and pose this question: “What organizations do you belong to?” You’re almost certain to get an earful. That’s because there’s a group for everyone here, and most of the time there are two or three.

There are over 90 organizations for students interested in alternative film, outdoor recreation, environmental action, politics, women’s issues and multiculturalism. For vocalists, there’s the College Choir and the Gospel Choir. For musicians, there’s the Jazz Ensemble, the African Drumming Ensemble, and the only Electric Bass Ensemble south of New York City, among others. For aspiring diplomats, there’s the Maryland Student Legislature. For writers, there’s Contrast, the literary magazine. And for journalists, the McDaniel Free Press newspaper published online and in print.

Ten fraternities and sororities thrive on campus, plus a variety of service organizations, including Best Buddies, which mentors people in the local community with developmental disabilities. Canine Companions for Independence trains puppies to become service dogs for the disabled. The Westminster Boys and Girls Club enjoys a special relationship with the McDaniel community and dozens of students get involved in mentoring young people there each semester.

In the unlikely event there is not a student organization catering to one of your interests, you will be encouraged to create your own. A group of campus comedians founded the improv troupe Danger Sauce to recruit more talent for regular performances.

For more information, please visit the Office of Student Engagement website.

Here’s How Active Our Students Really Are

“I am the president of the Black Student Union and I am involved with Green Terror Productions. I am also involved with the Psychology Club, Asian Community Coalition and will begin the Sankofa Mentoring program soon. I have also been a part of the volleyball team freshman year.”— Jaina Maultsby, 2013

“I am our SGA’s treasurer as well as a member of Outdoors club, and I will be joining a few honor societies outside of the Honors Program the coming year. I enjoy working with organizations' budgets in SGA because it helps me feel like an active member of the McDaniel community. Outdoors Club helps me stay active outside of track and cross country and discover what northern Maryland is like.” — Jason Stein, 2014

“I am a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority which has really changed my experience at McDaniel. It has made me more involved on campus and introduced me to more people on campus. I also work with Up ’Til Dawn and Relay for Life.” — Blair Undem, 2013

“I run for the cross country and track and field teams and will be a captain this year. We're working to build the program and will be expanding upon some of the initiatives that we took at the end of last semester to recruit more student-athletes.  I've also participated in the Peace Club, the Honors Program, the Spanish House/tertulias (discussions in Spanish), the Spanish tutoring program, and intramural sports. I'll be working in the Exercise Science Human Performance Lab this coming semester.” — Jake Zamotsky, 2013

“As an Army ROTC Cadet, I receive a multitude of leadership experiences both in the classroom and out. I am also a member of the Honor and Conduct board as well as a parent preview guide. These experiences all help to shape me and prepare me for success after college.” — Nate Adamczyk, 2013

“So far I've been involved in Allies, WMCR Radio, Women's Issues Group (WIG), and the theater (doing sound). This upcoming semester I'll be focusing more on sound work for the theater and Women’s Issues group because I'm living in the WIG affinity house. My friends and I are also chartering a McDaniel book club.” — Dani Allen, 2013

“I was the secretary and then vice president of the McDaniel Humans vs. Zombies Club. I got to organize events, work with the McDaniel staff to coordinate things, and work with the other leaders of the club to inform members what was happening. It was great working with so many people to see something big come together and have fun.” — Rachel Hoffman, 2013

Student Government Association

SGA is the central coordinating body that serves to promote the general welfare of the student body and to express a student voice in the affairs of the College. The Executive Board leads the SGA and is elected by the student body in the fall semester.

The SGA provides students:

  • A voice in campus happenings and procedures.
  • A chance to become leaders through the annual election process.
  • An opportunity to access additional funding for student-run organizations.
  • Entertaining and educational programming.

Interested in starting a new organization?
Stop by the Office of Student Engagement for more information.

Greek Life departments

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Fraternity and Sorority Community at McDaniel College has a long tradition of fostering student leadership and development. Greek-letter organizations have been a part of student life here since the 1920s. Since then, students have chosen to join fraternities and sororities for the dimension it adds to their college experience. Greek-letter organizations were founded on the ideals of scholarship, leadership, community service and friendship. McDaniel College’s thirteen Greek-letter organizations continue to hold these ideals today.

Three councils govern the McDaniel College Fraternity and Sorority Community:

  • National Pan-Hellenic Council – governs the fraternities and sororities on campus who are members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • Panhellenic Council – governs the sororities on campus who are members of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)
  • Interfraternity Council – governs the fraternities on campus who are members of the National Interfraternity Conference (NIC)

The 4 Pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Academics play a key role in the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. Academic responsibility is emphasized by each fraternity and sorority through study sessions, scholarship awards, workshops, formal and informal advising sessions and honorary membership in our honor societies: Order of Omega and Gamma Sigma Alpha. Chapters and national fraternal organizations recognize and reward scholastic excellence.

The McDaniel College Fraternity and Sorority community offers many opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills. Fraternities and sororities strengthen members’ teamwork, time management, motivation, public speaking and organization skills. All aspects of being affiliated with Greek letter organizations involve being a leader. Affiliated members are very involved in every aspect of student life at McDaniel College. Students are not only encouraged to become involved in their Greek letter organization but to also assume roles in other campus organizations as well.

Community Service
Philanthropy is community and social service undertaken by each fraternity and sorority. Each year, the Fraternity and Sorority community raises thousands of dollars and donates hundreds of hours to local and national charitable organizations. Affiliated members support the Westminster community through activities such as food and clothing collections, community clean-ups and spare change drives. Fraternities and sororities dedicate a great deal of time, effort and energy into helping others, and they have a great time in the process of doing so.

One of the most cherished aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life is the friendship and fellowship that exists among members. As members work toward common goals, live and enjoy campus life together, relations and friendships are strengthened. These relationships transcend ordinary friendship to become like that of a brother or sister. Like family ties, the bonds formed are for a lifetime!

Alpha Gamma Tau, Alpha Sigma Phi, Lamda Chi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta

Service and Media

McDaniel Named Among Top 10 in Service

Unlike other college guides, The Washington Monthly asks not what colleges can do for you, but what colleges are doing for the country. Are our colleges making good use of our tax dollars? Are they producing graduates who can keep our nation competitive in a changing world? Are they, in short, doing well by doing good?

Last year McDaniel was ranked 48th nationally out of 253 liberal arts colleges and was recognized as one of the Top Ten in Service. The Washington Monthly uses three criteria that they believe best measure the impact schools have on the country. The first is social mobility: does the school do a good job recruiting and graduating poorer students? The second is research: is the school supporting the scientific and humanistic study that is key to our national strength, by producing Ph.D.s and winning research grants? And the third is service: how effectively does the school foster an ethic of giving back to the country, either through military or civilian service?

The Service category ranks the school in three ways: by the number of alumni who go on to serve in the Peace Corps, relative to school size; by the percentage of students who serve in ROTC; and the third by the percentage of funds in federal work-study money that goes to community service.

While we say “Changing Lives Since 1867,” it’s nice to see that others are taking notice as well.

Got something to say?
Are you interested in chronicling campus life and issues important to your peers? Then pick your medium.

Contrast, the college literary magazine is composed of poetry, short stories, photography, and art work. Submissions are accepted from students, faculty, and staff.

The McDaniel Free Press is the online and print student newspaper published throughout the semester.

WMCR, the college radio station operates during the academic year and is run by students.

Pathways yearbook is a pictorial collage of the varied social, cultural, and athletic activities representing life on the Hill. Yearbook orders are taken throughout the year.

The College also operates its own cable TV station covering campus events, movies, and other programming.

Arts and Culture

McDaniel’s arts-and-culture scene offers something to satisfy every artistic demand. From musical groups and summer theatre, to the school paper and art exhibits, there are creative outlets for all:


With 12 musical ensembles, McDaniel offers options for every musician. Some groups perform off campus and others present three or four campus concerts a year, while still others give students College credit.

And off campus…
From live folk music and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, to dance clubs and piano bars, our neighboring city offers a satisfying range of musical indulgence.

Theatre & Film

Throughout the year, you’ll catch lots of McDaniel students in the act!  The Theatre Arts department at the College puts on various productions throughout the school year with directors ranging from faculty and visiting artists to students. Student performances are held at WMC Alumni Hall. 

And for all film buffs, McDaniel offers a film series, screening once a month, and various film-oriented student organizations.

And off campus...
Check out all the theatre options available in Baltimore (student discounts).


Students looking to get involved in creative writing on campus can join the Nameless Poets Club or contribute to Contrast, the College’s literary magazine. 

And off campus...
In Baltimore you can visit the house of Edgar Allan Poe, go to the Playwrights Festival, and take part in many other literary art events.

Visual Arts

During spring semester alone, McDaniel students display six art exhibits and shows.

And the recently restored art gallery at Peterson Hall is open all year. The hall houses the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery, as well the College’s permanent collection and visiting exhibitions.

And off campus...
Don’t restrict yourself to the campus in Westminster.  Baltimore has its share of art galleries and venues — and, of course, several art museums.

Getting into Africa

The second annual Celebrating Africa event was a feast of the senses. Kwei Maduot-Parek ’12 of Sudan, and president of the Sophisticated Ladies student club, coordinated the program that featured dance, poetry reading, video presentation, trivia contest and a fashion show – all to promote greater understanding and awareness of the multi-cultural traditions and pride of this continent’s peoples. The dinner buffet featured fried plantains, jollof rice, kofta and stuffed peppers.

Get Involved a picture of a McDaniel student at night
Camping Out to End Malaria

The evening was breezy, mild and bug-free — an advantage that was not lost on the 150 students at an all-night outdoor event to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of malaria.

“It’s so bizarre how here, mosquitoes are just an annoyance, whereas somewhere else it can mean potential death,” said co-organizer Mara Seibert ’13.

Several student organizations worked together to create a makeshift campground on the quad. Strings of festive lights illuminated the activities, which included volleyball, Frisbee, a DJ, art projects and tents for those who wanted to sleep outside.

The evening raised between $200 and $300, which Seibert said will make a big difference, considering the insecticide-treated malaria nets cost only about $6 a piece.

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