Scholarships & Grants

McDaniel College Merit Scholarships

McDaniel offers competitive merit-based scholarships that recognize the overall strength of your application. There is no separate application form; you should include all honors, awards, and achievements as part of your application itself or by submitting a personal resume along with the application form. Scholarships range from $5000-$25,000 per academic year.

Legacy Scholarships

McDaniel College is pleased to offer several scholarships valued at $25,000 annually ($100,000 over four years) that are unlike programs you’ll find elsewhere. The Legacy Scholarships recognize two categories of service in addition to family ties to McDaniel and provide alternative ways to make McDaniel accessible for a wide variety of families. Detailed information including eligibility requirements and interest/eligibility forms may be found via the links below.

Honors Scholarships

Honors scholarships have a separate competitive process and invitations are extended to a select group of admitted students who are invited to apply to the honors program. The Honors Scholarship requires that students have submitted complete applications for admission no later than December 15th of their senior year. Eligible students will then be invited to apply to the honors program typically in the beginning of January, which will then qualify them for possible honors scholarships. These four-year awards are in addition to any academic scholarship previously awarded and have an annual value of $2,000 to full tuition.

Teachers Academy of Maryland (TAM)

The Teaching Academy of Maryland (TAM) Scholarship Program guarantees that any student who completes the TAM program will receive a minimum merit scholarship of at least $10,000 annually. Eligible students must have their TAM program completion verified by submitting, in writing, completion verification from a TAM representative. Confirmation can be submitted to

International Students

International student scholarships are available on a competitive academic basis and these awards range from $10,000 to $30,000. (Room, board, books, insurance and other fees are the responsibility of the student.) Scholarships are renewable for all four years of attendance.

Transfer Students

Transfer scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement within the collegiate environment. These awards range from $16,000 - $24,000 annually. Click here to see our transfer scholarships for students from two- & four-year colleges. These scholarships are guaranteed based on GPA and are automatically awarded at admission, requiring no separate scholarship application!

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