Transfer Students

The decision to transfer institutions isn’t an easy one, but we at McDaniel College will do our best to make sure that we are the right place for you to finish your undergraduate degree.  Our transfer students come from community colleges and four-year colleges alike; the goal for all students is to find the college that will best suit your academic, social & financial needs. 

At McDaniel the transfer process is a straightforward one – apply, find out about scholarship & need-based assistance, see how your credits will transfer and then decide to enroll. We accept transfer applications for both our fall and spring terms and work one-on-one with prospective transfer students to help understand our process.

Like anyone conducting a college search the need to complete a campus visit is an important one, the website can only provide so much information. Whether you complete a personalized Day at McDaniel experience or sit down for a Transfer Interview or take a student-led campus tour, the goal of the day is that you leave campus fully informed about McDaniel on all levels.  

Whether you’ve transferred from multiple colleges or this is your one and only transfer experience we want McDaniel to be your final destination on this journey. Please let us know how we can help!

Contact an admissions counselor if you have any questions or if you need additional information please use this form.

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