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Art and Art History Hone critical and technical skills and learn to interpret the past and present through art.

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Biology Go for a general biology major or choose tracks in environmental or molecular biology.

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Chemistry Explore majors in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Exercise Chemistry.

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Communication & Cinema Learn how people construct and interpret meaning, whether face to face or through media.

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Economics and Business Administration Prepare for careers and graduate study in finance, economic analysis and government.

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Education Earn initial teacher certification through this nationally and state accredited program.

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English Read broadly, think critically and creatively, express yourself in lucid speech, writing and design.

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Environmental Studies Advance environmental sustainability through an interdisciplinary program.

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History Delve into courses and seminars on topics ranging from the High Middle Ages to Russian History to the American Revolution.

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Kinesiology (formerly Exercise Science & Physical Education) Train for careers in education, sports medicine and sports management.

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Mathematics & Computer Science Tackle specialized courses and research projects leading to infinite future possibilities.

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Military Science Commit to the U.S. Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program and graduate as an officer.

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Music Prepare for careers in performance, music management and music education or simply take courses to find your own beat.

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Philosophy Think about it: it’s enlightening, stimulating and dedicated to inquiry and discovery.

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Physics Discover how the universe works through guided discovery-based learning approaches.

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Political Science and International Studies  Examine human behavior in a governmental context through the lens of national and international studies.

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Psychology  Discover this pluralistic discipline with roots in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

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Religious Studies Acquire the tools to understand religions and their contributions to humanity, both positive and negative.

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Social Work Understand biological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of people’s relationships with their environment.

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Sociology Investigate the structure of groups, organizations and societies from a scientific, humanistic and cross-cultural view.

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Theatre Arts Choose from three areas of intensive study: acting, interactive theatre and production.

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World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Immerse in the cultural, literary, artistic and linguistic expression of seven different languages.

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