Why French?

Historically, the French language and culture have held enormous sway over the West. Today, French maintains its influence as an official language for a broad swath of the world’s population. Since the fall of the Roman Empire and the gradual disappearance of Latin as a living language, French literature and culture has steered European literatures, cultures, and politics. It is now the native or administrative language not only of the 60 million citizens of continental France, but of over 200 million more people in Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Pacific.

Countries in the Middle East and Asia, such as Lebanon and Vietnam, are still profoundly influenced by their status as former French territories. In the former colonies, history has tied French and native cultures together in a complex web of influences that remains dynamic to this day.

Studying French at McDaniel

McDaniel’s French program provides courses from the elementary level for students who would like to start learning the language all the way to the advanced level, preparing students for graduate programs, Maryland’s teaching certification in French, and a multitude of jobs in International Studies, translation, Communication, among others.  The faculty teaches language and culture using film, multimedia strategies, and other contemporary sources.

Students may take French to fulfill the McDaniel Plan. A French Major and a French Minor are available. As well as French Major with Education Minor.

Our recent majors have studied for a semester at Université Saint-Louis, our affiliated campus in Brussels, Belgium; at the Université de Bourgogne-Dijon in France; at the Université Catholique de Paris, at the Université de Grenoble in France, and at the Université Laval in Québec.

Events hosted by the French Department include:

  • Journée du français (French Day) - for students of French throughout Carroll County. Our department invites French students from all the high schools in Carroll County to come and spend a day at McDaniel participating in Le Grand Concours and various activities regarding French language and Francophone Culture.
  • National French Week - featuring French cuisine and guest presentations.
  • Festival du cinéma français – Enjoy free admission to wonderful French films.

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 cicely hazel
McDaniel senior awarded Fulbright

Cicely Hazell, a senior at McDaniel College, has been named a Fulbright finalist for an English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) and will spend the 2015–2016 academic year in Turkey.

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