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Why Spanish?

There are many practical reasons why you should study Spanish, but above all else, you should study Spanish because something about it truly resonates with you: maybe you feel at home in Spanish or Latino culture, whether you’re Latino or not. When it really comes down to it, it is about human connection. The chances are extraordinarily high that at some point in your personal or professional life, you will come into contact with a Spanish speaker either in the U.S. or abroad. Even if the other person also speaks English - also a very likely possibility - there is much to be said for the effect speaking someone else’s language does to help us make real, meaningful connections with them. It improves professional relationships, provides paths to deeper friendships, and most of all, it opens up a whole world to you:

  • There are more than 300 million Spanish speakers in the world - more than English!
  • There are dozens of countries where you would use it, including the United States.
  • Did you know that a huge part of the U.S. Southwest was once called New Spain? That means that our cultural heritage is Spanish, French AND English. Why not learn about it and celebrate it?
  • Twenty-two Spanish and Latin American writers, scientists, economists, politicians, and peacemakers have won Nobel Prizes.
  • Spanish is phonetic! "Huh?" you say? That means it is spelled the way it sounds. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?
  • You’ll speak and write better in English. Seriously. When you have to study a language, you become more aware of how you communicate (or don’t!) in your native language.

A Spanish Major and a Spanish Minor are available. A Spanish Major with Education Minor is also available.

Additional Spanish Opportunities

Learn more about opportunities available to you including the Spanish House, Hispano-Latino Alliance, Palabras to Words, and Jan Term experiences.

Dr. Amy McNichols
(410) 857-2461
or Dr. Thomas Deveny
(410) 857-2465

"Not only has being able to speak Spanish been an integral part of my professional life, it has allowed me to connect with people of Latin America on a deeper level. Having learned cultural history and issues as part of my major has allowed me to really understand the people I help in my work that are Spanish Speaking or of Hispanic origin. On top of that, being a Spanish major has taken me out of my comfort zone into other countries, such as a week long trip I made to Honduras in May 2009 on a Mission Trip as a translator for the group from our church." 

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