The Encompass Distinction

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The Encompass Distinction: Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Join the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators!

Through dynamic classes, unique opportunities, and powerful mentorship, combine the power of the liberal arts with your own drive for innovation.

The Encompass Distinction includes:

  • Minors: the Entrepreneurship minor and the Marketing minor
  • Special Opportunities: the Innovation Challenge, mini-grants, computer hackathon partnerships, and more
  • Mentorship: guidance from our entrepreneur-in-residence, connections with successful alumni, and more!

Set off on the path to creating and maintaining your own enterprises. No matter what path your 21st-century career(s) will take, the for-profit, nonprofit, and educational sectors highly value innovation, perseverance, and self-starting.

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The Encompass Distinction is made possible with the generous support of Dennis Sisco ’68 & Alexine Lesko, through The Sisco Fund for Enterprise Management.

A McDaniel student presents the business plan during the 2018 Innovation Challenge.  departments


Entrepreneurship Minor

Generate the future.

Innovation, perseverance and an understanding of basic business and management concepts are highly valued in the marketplace. Whether you want to make your own business plan or just make the world a better place, this minor is for you.

Whatever your major, this exciting program will give you that competitive edge through hands-on workshops, field trips, and experientially-infused courses across a range of disciplines. Teamwork is valued and entrepreneurial culture nurtured!

Many students have taken the skills they have learned to compete in McDaniel’s Innovation Challenge, a shark-tank style competition, where students compete for big cash prizes. Join the movement!

Create. Innovate. Build.

Core Courses:

  • ENC 1165 – Introduction to Innovation
  • BUA 2211 – Entrepreneurship

Choose one of the two:

  • BUA 2000 – Small Business Management
  • BUA 2209 – Principles of Marketing

Choose one of the following internship-based experiences:

  • ENG 2106 – Writing for Main Street
  • ENG 3312 – Writing for Nonprofit Organizations
  • ENV 1000 – The Forest Online
  • Independent internship (or multiple ones), totaling 4 credits or more

Choose two of the following elective courses OR take additional courses from the lists above. These cannot cross count for your major or another minor.

  • BUA 1101 – Principles of Accounting
  • BUA 2214 – Principles of Management
  • ENC 1111 – Make it, Market It, Sell It
  • ENC 1120 – Organizational Leadership
  • ENC 1200 – You Are What You Eat
  • PSI 3265 – The Wealth of the Commons
  • PSI 3365 – Innovative Approaches to Ameliorating Inequality, Conflict and Poverty
  • COM 3150 – Organizational Communication
  • COM 3352 – Intercultural Communication
  • SIS 2037 – The Intercultural Workplace
  • BIO 1117 – Topics in Biology – Animals as Machines
  • BIO 1117 – Topics in Biology – The Sick Molecule
  • EPE 2265 – Leadership and Personal Growth


Marketing Minor

Own the message

McDaniel students pose in front of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.

Today’s content creators and storytellers control the narrative of the 21st century. Marketing-related skills continue to be highly in demand by employers for both short-term opportunities and longer-term careers.

McDaniel’s marketing minor is a professional, interdisciplinary program using both traditional classroom and immersive, experiential learning. Students undertaking a marketing minor will develop skills in key areas such as market research, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing mix management, social media, and digital marketing.

Navigate tomorrow’s future, today. Become the communicator you want to be!

Required Core Courses:

  • BUA 2209 – Principles of Marketing
  • BUA 3306 – Consumer Behavior

Digital Marketing (choose at least one course):

  • CIN 2201 – Television Production
  • ENC 1111 – Make It, Market It, Sell It
  • ENG 2103 – Transmedia Storytelling
  • ENG 2106 – Writing for Main Street *
  • ENG 3307 – New Media Writing
  • ENG 3312 – Writing for Nonprofit Organizations *

Promotion 1000/2000-Level (choose at least one course):

  • ART 2216 – Graphic Design I
  • CIN 2301 – Basic Video Editing
  • ENG 2214 – Editing and Desktop Publishing

Promotion 3000-Level (choose at least one course):

  • COM 3160 – Health Communication *
  • COM 3220 – Intercultural Communication
  • COM 3420 – Media Analysis and Criticism
  • COM 3610 – Visual Communication *
  • ENG 3309 – Approaches to Everyday Discourse

* At least one course must be experiential in focus. See asterisks (*) for courses that meet this criteria.

24 credits are required for the completion of the marketing minor. 


President’s Advisory Council
The President’s Advisory Council (PAC) is an alumni group chosen by the president. Membership is selected based on strong evidence of successful innovation and business acumen. Their contributions will include some combination of the following: invited lectures; individual student mentorship; internship, externship and job shadow opportunities; serving as judges for final stages of the Innovation Challenge; and, pro-bono support for Innovation Challenge winners to move their projects forward.

The entrepreneur-in-residence is a local entrepreneur who provides valuable feedback and mentorship to students in The Encompass Distinction program as well as to the general population of students enrolling in the Innovation Challenge.

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